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Current Issue September 2015 – Volume 14, Issue 3 Table of Contents

Research article

477 – 483

Students Perceptions of Motivational Climate and Enjoyment in Finnish Physical Education: A Latent Profile Analysis

Timo Jaakkola, C. K. John Wang, Markus Soini, Jarmo Liukkonen

Research article

484 – 493

Lower Extremity Muscle Activation and Kinematics of Catchers When Throwing Using Various Squatting and Throwing Postures

Yi-Chien Peng, Kuo-Cheng Lo, Lin-Hwa Wang

Research article

494 – 500

Game and Training Load Differences in Elite Junior Australian Football

Brendan Henderson, Jill Cook, Dawson J. Kidgell, Paul B. Gastin

Research article

501 – 506

Reactive Agility Performance in Handball; Development and Evaluation of a Sport-Specific Measurement Protocol

Miodrag Spasic, Ante Krolo, Natasa Zenic, Anne Delextrat, Damir Sekulic

Research article

507 – 514

Tri-Axial Accelerometer-Determined Daily Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior of Suburban Community-Dwelling Older Japanese Adults

Tao Chen, Kenji Narazaki, Takanori Honda, Sanmei Chen, Yuki Haeuchi, Yu Y Nofuji, Eri Matsuo, Shuzo Kumagai

Research article

515 – 521

Examination of the Effectiveness of Predictors for Musculoskeletal Injuries in Female Soldiers

Einat Kodesh, Eyal Shargal, Rotem Kislev-Cohen, Shany Funk, Lev Dorfman, Gil Samuelly, Jay R. Hoffman, Nurit Sharvit

Research article

522 – 529

Multiple Off-Ice Performance Variables Predict On-Ice Skating Performance in Male and Female Division III Ice Hockey Players

Jeffrey M. Janot, Nicholas M. Beltz, Lance D. Dalleck

Research article

530 – 535

A New Qualitative Typology to Classify Treading Water Movement Patterns

Christophe Schnitzler, Chris Button, James L. Croft, Ludovic Seifert

Review article

536 – 547

Criterion-Related Validity of the 20-M Shuttle Run Test for Estimating Cardiorespiratory Fitness: A Meta-Analysis

Daniel Mayorga-Vega, Pablo Aguilar-Soto, Jess Viciana

Research article

548 – 555

Effects of Nitric Oxide Synthase Inhibition on Fiber-Type Composition, Mitochondrial Biogenesis, and SIRT1 Expression in Rat Skeletal Muscle

Masataka Suwa, Hiroshi Nakano, Zsolt Radak, Shuzo Kumagai

Research article

556 – 561

An Acute Lateral Ankle Sprain Significantly Decreases Physical Activity across the Lifespan

Tricia Hubbard-Turner, Erik A. Wikstrom, Sophie Guderian, Michael J. Turner

Research article

562 – 567

Characterisation of the Mechanical Loads and Metabolic Intensity of the CAPO Kids Exercise Intervention for Healthy Primary School Children

Rossana C. Nogueira, Benjamin K. Weeks, Belinda R. Beck

Research article

568 – 573

Adolescent Self-Reported Physical Activity and Autonomy: A Case for Constrained and Structured Environments?

Jerome N. Rachele, Timo Jaakkola, Tracy L. Washington, Thomas F. Cuddihy, Steven M. McPhail

Research article

574 – 583

Effects of Acute Aerobic Exercise on Executive Function in Older Women

Roseann Peiffer, Lynn A. Darby, Adam Fullenkamp, Amy L. Morgan

Research article

584 – 590

Changes in the Game Characteristics of a Badminton Match: A Longitudinal Study through the Olympic Game Finals Analysis in Mens Singles

Guillaume Laffaye, Michael Phomsoupha, Frdric Dor

Research article

591 – 601

Neuromuscular Activity of Upper and Lower Limbs during two Backstroke Swimming Start Variants

Karla De Jesus, Kelly De Jesus, Alexandre I. A. Medeiros, Pedro Gonalves, Pedro Figueiredo, Ricardo J. Fernandes, Joo Paulo Vilas-Boas

Research article

602 – 605

Ultra-Short-Term Heart Rate Variability is Sensitive to Training Effects in Team Sports Players

Fabio Y. Nakamura, Andrew A. Flatt, Lucas A. Pereira, Rodrigo Ramirez-Campillo, Irineu Loturco, Michael R. Esco

Research article

606 – 619

The Waist Width of Skis Influences the Kinematics of the Knee Joint in Alpine Skiing

Martin Zorko, Bojan Nemec, Jan Babi, Blaz Lenik, Matej Supej

Research article

620 – 626

Segmental Musculoskeletal Examinations using Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA): Positioning and Analysis Considerations

Nicolas H. Hart, Sophia Nimphius, Tania Spiteri, Jodie L. Cochrane, Robert U. Newton

Research article

627 – 633

Big Five Personality Traits and Eating Attitudes in Intensively Training Dancers: The Mediating Role of Internalized Thinness Norms

Stphanie Scoffier-Mriaux, Charlne Falzon, Peter Lewton-Brain, Edith Filaire, Fabienne dArripe-Longueville

Research article

634 – 642

The Relative Age Effect and Physical Fitness Characteristics in German Male Tennis Players

Alexander Ulbricht, Jaime Fernandez-Fernandez, Alberto Mendez-Villanueva, Alexander Ferrauti

Research article

643 – 647

The Effect of Training in Minimalist Running Shoes on Running Economy

Sarah T. Ridge, Tyler Standifird, Jessica Rivera, A. Wayne Johnson, Ulrike Mitchell, Iain Hunter

Research article

648 – 656

Cardiorespiratory and Metabolic Responses to Loaded Half Squat Exercise Executed at an Intensity Corresponding to the Lactate Threshold

Jos Luis Mat-Muoz, Ral Domnguez, Manuel Barba, Antonio J. Monroy, Brbara Rodrguez, Pedro Ruiz-Solano, Manuel V. Garnacho-Castao

Research article

657 – 668

The Value of Indirect Teaching Strategies in Enhancing Student-Coaches Learning Engagement

Isabel Mesquita, Patrcia Coutinho, Luciana De Martin-Silva, Bruno Parente, Mrio Faria, Jos Afonso

Research article

669 – 674

Relative Age Affects Marathon Performance in Male and Female Athletes

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