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Salt might be healthy after all.

When it comes to the idea that running is good for the heart, six miles a week may be the magic goal number.

Typically, we exercise to slim down, feel better, and ease our guilt about eating an extra cookie. As a cardiologist, I always remind my patients that including exercise in their lives can also lower blood pressure and decrease the risk of having a heart attack. But those arent the only potentially lifesaving effects from exercise.

Is your workout weighing you down? If the bulk of your gym visit is wasted wandering from machine-to-machine, cut calories and time off your fitness routine by picking and sticking with one piece of equipment to maximize results.

I got depressed after the Eagles lost Marcus Mariota in the NFL draft. I had a glimmer of hope when his contract was slow to be signed, but then I had to accept reality, and now I am ready to root for Sam Bradford. But perhaps Mariota can still help us from afar.

Study shows ancient exercise improves physical ability in those with arthritis, heart failure, emphysema and breast cancer

For years, students were told to sit still and stop fidgeting, but that has changed with the addition of elliptical machines to classrooms at an elementary school.

I know, why in the world am I writing a blog post about a Dallas player? We know Dez Bryant is out next week after surgery on his 5th metatarsal. But will he be back for the November 8th game against Philadelphia which is 7 weeks away?

Take it from a 70-year-old bodybuilder how to schedule your weights routine.

But even when we make the effort to exercise, says new research, the power of our pre-modern selves will not be denied.

We use our hips to run, jump, sit, stand, and make every movement in between. They may be the most important joints in the body, as anyone who needs them replaced can attest.

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