Washington Robotic Surgery for Prostate and Kidney Cancer

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Dr. Bart Radolinski,Dr. Juan Litvak, and Dr. Mark Rosenblum are board-certified urologists specializing in robotic surgery. Along with Dr. Murray Lieberman,Dr. Niz Maruf, and Dr. Kathleen Sterling, they are part of Urological Consultants, and they are dedicated to providing quality, compassionate urology care to patients in Montgomery County, Maryland, and Washington, DC.

Washington Robotic Surgery was created to help inform patients with kidney and prostate cancer of their robotic surgical treatment options. Pleasecontact us with any questions you might have or to schedule an appointment.

Referred to by many as robotic surgery for prostate cancer or kidney cancer,da Vinci prostatectomy and da Vinci partial nephrectomy are more accurately described as robot-assisted, minimally invasive (laparoscopic) surgeries that are quickly becoming the preferred treatment for removal of prostate and kidney cancer following early diagnosis (more)

Since helping to establish the robotic surgery program atSuburban Hospital in 2008, Dr. Litvak and Dr. Radolinski have focused on developing a personalized, team-oriented approach to the care of their patients. (more)

For any questions, or to schedule an appointment with one of our robotic surgeons, please contact us at 301-530-1700. You can meet with us at either our Bethesda or Germantown locations in Maryland. A member of our staff will help guide you through the process of making your visit as rewarding as possible.

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Washington Robotic Surgery for Prostate and Kidney Cancer

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