Biological Safety Testing Products Market to Witness Increased Revenue Growth Owing to Heightened Product Innovations in the COVID 19 Pandemic – Lake…

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Biological safety testing forms the basis of ensuring decontamination of biologic medicines, laboratories, and healthcare institutions. As the world fights the COVID-19 pandemic it has become important to ensure that pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment used in treating patients are tested for contamination.

The soaring fatalities from COVID-19, coupled with the rapid rate of infection from the virus mandates biological safety testing practices. These practices are generally employed to test safety of biologic substances extracted from organic sources such as living organisms, proteins, nucleic acid, or a combination of these substances. Market players are innovating biological safety testing products that specifically cater to COVID-19 related contamination testing.

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Importance of Biological Safety Testing

A pillar of strength for the growth of biopharmaceuticals and vaccines, biological safety testing products provide the necessary proof of safety for innovative organic pharmaceutical development. Prevalent adoption of bio-based medicinal drugs by health conscious consumers furthers the development of biopharmaceuticals. As the production of these pharmaceuticals increases, so will the safety testing of its products. With the help of biological safety testing organizations, pharmaceutical companies are integrating improved manufacturing processes that conduct tests while the product is being manufactured. This further increases the cost efficiency and safety of products for biopharmaceuticals.

The rampant adoption can also be attributed to the increasingly stringent regulatory norms by statutory bodies such as the US FDA regarding the safety of innovative biopharmaceuticals. For instance, Epidolex is the only CBD based medicine that has received formal approval from the FDA to be sold as an over the counter drug. The legalization of hemp farming by the US has created a spurt in the number of research initiatives in developing hemp based medicinal drugs. This also contributes to the growing demand for biological safety testing products.

Biological Safety Testing Products to be a Hotbed of Opportunities for Manufacturers

There are four biosafety levels issued by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These levels of biological safety govern the series of protection relegated to autoclave-related activities of a biological lab. Meant to serve as a guideline for manufacturers, and laboratories, the BSL levels have never been more relevant than during the current COVID-19 scenario. Here are the four levels of biological safety issued by the CDC:

As far as COVID-19 is concerned, routine diagnostic testing can be carried out with BSL-1 measures. These include, processing initial samples, staining & microscopic analysis of fixed smears, examination of bacterial cultures and molecular analysis of extracted nucleic acid preparations. Rapid respiratory testing conducted at the point of care must use standard precautions to establish a barrier between specimen and healthcare personnel. Procedures that concentrate viruses, for instance, precipitation or membrane filtration must be performed in at least BSL-2 settings accompanied by Class-II biological safety cabinets. BSL-3 precautions such as respiratory protection is mandated for all healthcare institutions such as hospitals, and research labs.

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Vaccine Products to Present Sustainable Opportunities during the Pandemic

Manufacturers of biological safety testing products can hence target opportunities in the market based upon the severity levels of their operations. For instance, vaccine laboratories will require BSL-1, BSL-2, and BSL-3 biological safety testing products. Whereas, hospitals and other healthcare institutions require BSL-3 level testing products. The market competition will become feature intensive during the upcoming years, as the severity of COVID-19 is increasing with the fast paced social transmission of the virus.

The surge in research and clinical laboratory activities in a bid to devise a vaccine for COVID-19 sustains the demand for biological safety testing during the pandemic. Medical research institutions such as the Jenner Institute, SinoVac, and similar initiatives in different countries will generate considerable demand for biological safety testing of COVID-19 contamination and vaccine safety levels. Reagents & kits assays in particular, are witnessing rapid growth. The Centre of Disease Control labs in the USA is regularly issuing guidelines for manufacturers to manufacture COVID-19 reagents & kit assays.

On Feb 28, the FDA opened the emergency use authorization (EUA) process to CLIA labs, forging a new pathway for regulated and rampant assay development. The development of an effectivetive testing kit of COVID-19 has become a top priority for clinical research labs and biological safety testing products manufacturers. Many players are diverting their workforce to develop testing kits for COVID-19. Analytical and clinical validation for EUA has become increasingly important for successful product development. The high infection rate of novel coronavirus presents high risks to the clinical diagnostic workflow of the polymerase chain reaction tests, from sample collection and extraction to thermal cycling.

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