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Sports Medicine Research Summary

(Updated as of 3/22/12)

The UHealth Sports Medicine Research Group has a variety of clinical research projects investigating the outcome of commonly performed procedures. We are able to have a wide variety of ongoing clinical studies because of our close collaboration with other departments within our university including physical therapy, radiology as well as working with other institutions as a participant in multicenter trials. Some examples of this include return to sports/activities after ACL reconstruction or rotator cuff repair or the effect of patient related factors on treatment outcomes. Critically examining the success of surgical procedures allows the physicians in sports medicine to analyze which procedures work well and which can use modification. It also allows for the surgeons to give their patients more substantial information in terms of expected recovery after these procedures.

In collaboration with our physical therapy department, the sports research team is investigating baseball pitchers and catchers throwing mechanics and how different changes in body position or stance affect throwing. This will allow our physicians to assist throwing athletes to achieve his or her maximal performance in the safest way possible. Another study with the physical therapy department is studying different ACL graft choices and how that affects muscle endurance and fatigue.

We are working on multiple studies with our board certified musculoskeletal radiologists as well. Current ongoing projects include the MRI findings of asymptomatic professional baseball pitchers as well as the usefullnesss of ultrasonography in the treatment of common sports related injuries. Several upcoming radiologic studies will focus on MRIs and articular cartilage injury.

In conjunction with the Hussman Institute & the department of Biomedical Engineering, the UHealth Sports Medicine team is studying what, if any, impact genetics has on the bodys response to cartilage and meniscal injury. This team collaboration has been the winner of recent competitive grants as well as upcoming national presentations and publications.

The UHealth Sports Medicine Group is very happy to announce its latest collaboration with The University of Miami Stem Cell Institute. This latest partnership has enabled us to begin several research projects investigating the potential use of human stem cells in the treatment of ligament and cartilage injuries. This cutting edge research is currently being performed in animal models with the goal to translate the results into practical application in our sports medicine patients.

Our basic science interests include projects on ACL graft strain after anatomic single and double bundle reconstruction. We also have numerous biomechanical studies being developed for common knee and shoulder injuries.

The Sports Medicine Research Team:

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