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Liposomal formulation of polyacrylate-peptide conjugate as a new vaccine candidate against cervical cancer, Khongkow M, LiuTY, Bartlett S, Hussein WM, Nevagi R, Jia ZF, Monteiro MJ, Wells J, Ruktanonchai UR, Skwarczynski M, Toth I, Prec. Nanomed. 2018 Oct;1(3):186-196.

In this study, the authors describe the improvement of vaccine delivery via using a polymer-based delivery system. Authors demonstrate that the combination of polymer-based and liposome delivery systems may be effective without the use of additional adjuvant and with just a single-dose immunization.

Nanoparticle-Encapsulated Doxorubicin Demonstrates Superior Tumor Cell Kill in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Subtypes Intrinsically Resistant to Doxorubicin, Krausz AE, Adler BL, Makdisi J, Schairer D, Rosen J, Landriscina A, Navati M, Alfieri A, Friedman JM, Nosanchuk JD, Rodriguez-Gabin A, Ye KQ, McDaid HM, Friedman AJ, , Prec. Nanomed. 2018 Oct;1(3):172-185.

The treatment of triple-negative breast cancer is often difficult due to frequent resistance to doxorubicin. Using different nano-formulations based on sol-gel technology to encapsulate doxorubicin, the authors here showed enhanced dose-response metrics and tumor cell kill of these cancer cells due to an increased drug accumulation in the local tumor environment.Specific Molecular Recognition as a Strategy to Delineate Tumor Margin Using Topically Applied Fluorescence Embedded Nanoparticles, Barton S, Li B, Siuta M, Janve VA, Song J, Holt CM, Tomono T, Ukawa M, Kumagai H, Tobita E, Wilson K, Sakuma S, Pham W. Prec. Nanomed. 2018 Oct;1(3):197-210.

The ability to delineate the tumor accurately during operation is important to ensure all tumor cells are resected. Here, the authors describe the development of a multimodal imaging probe using nanospheres to target epithelial cells of pancreatic cancer. The specificity to target only tumor cells was clearly shown in both in-vitro and in-vivo experiments.

Plasma samples from mouse strains and humans demonstrate different susceptibilities to complement activation, Neun BW, Sznsi G, Szebeni J, Dobrovolskaia M., Prec. Nanomed. 2018 Oct;1(3):197-210.

The authors describe the importance of mouse strain selection for in vitro complement activation analysis addressing also the existence of inter- and intraspecies variability.

Cellular Trafficking of Sn-2 Phosphatidylcholine Prodrugs Studied withFluorescence Lifetime Imaging and Super-resolution Microscopy; Maji D, Lu J, Sarder P, Schmieder AH, Cui G, Yang X, Pan D, Lew MD, Achilefu S, Lanza GM. Prec. Nanomed. 2018 July;1(2):127-145.

Skin Biosensing and Bioanalysis: What the Future Holds; Ng KW, Moghimi SM. Prec. Nanomed. 2018 July;1(2):124-127.

A Coming Era of Precision Diagnostics Based on Nano-assisted Mass Spectrometry; Li RX, Gurav DD, Wan JJ, Qian K. Prec. Nanomed. 2018 July;1(2):162-172.

Rational Design of a siRNA Delivery System: ALOX5 and Cancer Stem Cells as Therapeutic Targets, Rafael D, Andrade F, Montero S, Gener P, Seras-Franzoso J, Martnez F, Gonzlez P, Florindo H, Arango D, Says J, Abasolo I, Videira M, Schwartz Jr. S. Prec. Nanomed. 2018 July;1(2):86-105. Lysozyme transport to the brain by Liposomes; Nordling-David MM, Rachmin E, Etty Grad E, Golomb G, Prec. Nanomed. 2018 July;1(2):146-161.Retinal Multipotent Stem-Cell Derived MiEye Spheroid 3D Culture Model for Preclinical Screening of Non-viral Gene Delivery Systems,; Chen DW, Foldvari M. Prec. Nanomed. 2018 July;1(2):106-123.

The Story of Precision Nanomedicine the Journal; Lajos P Balogh, Prec. Nanomed. 2018, Apr; 1(1):1-4. Balancing Interests of Science, Scientists, and the Publishing Business; Lajos P Balogh, Prec. Nanomed. 2018, Apr; 1(1):5-14. Improving Innovation in Nano-Healthcare Funding, Mike Eaton, Prec. Nanomed. 2018 Apr; 1(1):15-17.

Immunocompatibility of Rad-PC-Rad liposomes in vitro, based on human complement activation and cytokine release; Matviykiv S, Buscema M, Gerganova G, Mszros T, Kozma GT, Mettal U, Neuhaus F, Ishikawa T, SzebeniJ, Zumbuehl A, Mller B. Prec. Nanomed. 2018 Apr;1(1):43-62.

Discrepancies in the in vitro and in vivo role of scavenger receptors in clearance of nanoparticles by Kupffer cells; Wang G, Groman E, Simberg D. Prec. Nanomed. 2018 Apr;1(1):76-85.

Origins to Outcomes: A Role for Extracellular Vesicles in Precision Medicine; Savage, J, Maguire, CM, Prina-Mello A. Prec. Nanomed. 2018, Apr; 1(1):18-42.A porcine model of complement activation-related pseudoallergy to nanopharmaceuticals: Pros and cons of translation to a preclinical safety test; Szebeni J, Bedcs P, Dzsi L, Urbanics R. Prec. Nanomed. 2018 Apr;1(1):63-75.

The Story of Precision Nanomedicine the Journal

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