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How do you think the current pandemic could impact/change/shape the research community in the short/long term?

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed our life in many ways. One of these changes is the major disruption in research activities for the research community. We will have less lab-based research results and findings in the short term. However, going through this difficult time together, we will learn how to deal with crises like this and become more resilient to future ones. In the long term, it will give us an opportunity to rethink the way we work and communicate. I think we should use this time to rework the existing research process to achieve higher efficiency and productivity and identify new ways to strengthen the research community. Last but not the least, we should support each other and get through this pandemic together.

My research group uses food chemistry, food biophysics, material science and nanotechnology approaches to investigate structurefunction relationships of food proteins and polysaccharides with the ultimate goal of improving food safety and quality. We have made various nanostructures, including nanoparticles, nanoemulsions and nanolaminates, with applications including nutraceutical encapsulation and targeted delivery, antimicrobial packaging materials, food pathogen detection and edible coatings.

The most exciting aspect part of my work is my contribution to improving food safety and human health.

Keeping up with current research in my area worldwide and coming up with novel ideas are both very challenging.

As a professional scholar and educator, I wanted to contribute to the scientific field. With my expertise in food chemistry, food biopolymer biophysics and food nanotechnology, I hope to bring forward high-quality research in food science to the journal. I am very excited to join the RSC Advances team and am planning to give my time and effort to advance the journal.

By ensuring that submissions fit the journal, checking for flaws in experimental design and advancing our knowledge in chemistry, I'm hoping to bring novel, exciting and solid publications to the scientific community. I encourage new and established authors to submit articles. I also choose the experienced independent reviewers for manuscripts that pass the initial screening. Overall, I try hard to improve the quality, consistency and impact of the journal.

Please read the scope of RSC Advances carefully and make sure the submission fits the journal before you submit. Please prepare the manuscript as accurately as possible.

Being able to read cutting-edge scientific papers covering a wide range of topics in food science with innovative ideas and experiments. I also enjoy helping the researchers to get their findings published and shared with the scientific community.

I am a regular runner and reader. I also enjoy listening to music and singing karaoke.

My mum is always my role model. She worked extremely hard and made a very positive impact on our family, the community and society. I dreamed of becoming a teacher for elementary kids when I was a teenager, turning to scientific research later.

Maybe a chef since I love cooking and enjoy eating.

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Maintaining quality, consistency and impact through difficult times: an Associate Editor's insight - Royal Society of Chemistry

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