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Nanomedicine — time to bridge the gap from experimental science to product regulation – Video

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Nanomedicine -- time to bridge the gap from experimental science to product regulation
Dr Sonia Trigueros, Co-Director, Oxford Martin Programme on Nanotechnology and Research Fellow in Biological Physics, University of Oxford Professor Sergi Ci...

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Nanomedicine -- time to bridge the gap from experimental science to product regulation - Video

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OMICS Group-Journal of Nanomedicine

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OMICS Group-Journal of Nanomedicine Biotherapeutic Disocvery-2155-983X-105
OMICS Group is an Open Access publication model that enables the dissemination of research articles to the global community. Thus, all articles published under Open Access can be accessed by anyone.

By: OMICSGroup I Articles

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OMICS Group-Journal of Nanomedicine

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New Book Recommends Relora as Part of Stress Management and Weight Loss Plan

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SALINAS, Calif., Feb. 19, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The new book, The Thyroid Solution Diet, by best-selling author Ridha Arem, MD, singles out Relora(R) as his only recommended supplemental herb for weight loss. The book focuses on rebalancing the hormones blamed for weight gain and the inability to lose weight. With a diet plan based on a modified Mediterranean diet, the Thyroid Solution Diet is designed to retrain the body, drive up energy levels, improve sleep, reduce stress, increase metabolism and enable the body to lose weight.

Throughout the book, Dr. Arem emphasizes the role of relaxation and controlling stress. For this he recommends Relora. He especially suggests the supplement for those who overeat in response to stress.

"The marker compounds from [Relora's] botanicals help reduce stress and balance cortisol, the stress hormone that causes fat to accumulate in the belly," writes Dr. Arem. "When you need to even out a spiked stress level, Relora can reduce surges in cortisol and prevent stress-triggered eating."

Dr. Arem also recommends Relora as part of a regiment to overcome jetlag, balancing hormones that assist in sleep.

The Thyroid Diet Solution Diet goes on to thoroughly explain the link between eating behavior, appetite, food choices, and mood and anxiety levels. It also describes how stress chemically affects weight gain. Diet, supplement and exercise recommendations to re-balance a variety of hormones involved in health and weight loss are then made.

Dr. Arem is an endocrinologist and director of the Texas Thyroid Institute in Houston, Texas. He also serves as a clinical professor of medicine at Baylor College of Medicine and is the author of the groundbreaking bestseller, The Thyroid Solution.

Relora is a blend of specific actives from two all-natural botanicals: Magnolia officinalis and Phellodendron amurense bark extracts. It is known to effectively reduce stress, help control belly fat and overall assist in weight management.

For more information on Relora, a product of Next Pharmaceuticals, visit

Next Pharmaceuticals

Founded in 1997, Next Pharmaceuticals provides patented, science-based natural ingredients for healthy living products in the dietary supplement, food and beverage industries. Next has successfully developed six patented and proprietary plant extracts in addition to Chromulin(R), a new, safer form of the essential trace mineral chromium. Next products help consumers cope with many of today's most prevalent and chronic health issues, significantly expanding the choices for self-care products while providing consumer brands with powerful product differentiation. Next proprietary formulations include Relora(R) for stress, stress-related eating and weight management; Seditol(R) for improved, more restful sleep; Citri-Z(R) for heart health; Flavoxine(R) for balanced cholesterol levels; Nexrutine(R) for the aches and pains associated with physical activity, exercise and over-exertion; Citrofen(R) for joint mobility and comfort; and Chromulin(R) for optimum metabolism. For more information, visit


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EU committee rejects Vivus weight-loss drug

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) -- A panel of advisers to the European Union's health agency has again rejected Vivus Inc.'s weight-loss drug for sale in Europe.

Vivus, based in Mountain View, Calif., said Thursday after markets closed that the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use confirmed its October decision to decline an application to sell the drug under the name Qsiva. Vivus had asked the committee to reconsider that decision.

The drug was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in July for adults who are obese or overweight and have at least one weight-related condition such as high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol. Sales of the drug, called Qsymia in the United States, started in September, making it the first long-term prescription weight loss drug to reach the market since 1999.

Vivus said the European committee indicated that the drugmaker would have to perform another study that examines cardiovascular safety before Qsiva could be approved. Vivus President Peter Y. Tam said in a statement the company was disappointed.

"We have worked diligently throughout Europe with key opinion leaders and regulatory and risk management experts to highlight the favorable safety and efficacy profile of Qsiva," he said, noting that a committee scientific advisory group gave the drug a positive recommendation.

Qsymia is the company's only marketed product. U.S. sales of the drug started slowly, something Vivus has attributed in part to high out-of-pocket costs for patients and limited insurance coverage.

But the company said in January that prescriptions for the weight loss pill surged in late November and December. Analysts say annual sales of Qsymia will eventually top $1 billion.

Vivus shares finished at $12.88 on Thursday. Its shares have rebounded from a 52-week low of $9.86 in mid-November. They are almost 60 percent below their high of $31.21 in mid-July.


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thinkThin® Crunch Bars Bare All with Debut of Transparent Packaging and Delicious Coconut Chocolate Flavor

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LOS ANGELES, Feb. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --thinkThin, the #1 ranked weight management bar in the natural channel (according to SPINS research), today announced that its Crunch bars are getting a makeover with a revealing new design and addition of Coconut Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts to its tasty, low sugar fruit and nut family. With sixty percent less sugar and two times more protein than other leading fruit and nut bars, thinkThin Crunch is the perfect combination of high-quality ingredients, delicious flavor and nutrition.

"What sets the thinkThin brand apart from competitors is our ingredients," said Lizanne Falsetto, CEO and founder, thinkThin. "Our customers live busy, vibrant lifestyles, and they need food to match. The new Coconut Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts bar delivers on our promise of providing nourishing, nutritious, great tasting food and our new Crunch packaging is a natural progression of showcasing our brand message in a clear, visually appealing way."

Coconut, a great source of calcium and magnesium finding increasing popularity among consumers, will expand the thinkThin Crunch line outside of just fruits. With a crisp taste of coconut, the sweetness of chocolate and the savoring flavors of nuts, thinkThin Coconut Chocolate combines the best of all flavor worldswhile still packing nutrition in every bite. At under 200 calories and with fewer additives than competitors, the natural flavor of fruit and nut can be savored without any guilt.

thinkThin Crunch is currently available to consumers in 7 flavors including Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts, Caramel Dipped Mixed Nuts, Blueberry Mixed Nuts, Mixed Nuts, White Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts, Cherry Mixed Nuts, and Cranberry Apple Mixed Nuts.

Coconut Chocolate will launch this Spring.

Join thinkThin on Facebook on Twitter @thinkproducts or on Pinterest

About thinkThin:

thinkThin has created a whole new way to think about nutrition through an uncompromising focus on natural ingredients that support weight wellness and overall health. All thinkThin products are based on four key nutritional principles: high protein, no sugar, low sugar and gluten free. The thinkThin product family consists of ten flavors of thinkThin Protein Bars to satisfy the on-the-go, active lifestyle; eight flavors of thinkThin Crunch a fruit and nut snack bar and three flavors of thinkThin Divine a decadently nutrititous chocolate and coconut bar. For more information on deliciously natural nutrition, please visit

Media Contact: Marci Mollins 310.935.3882


Read the Rest... Announces the Addition of WEI Beauty

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GOLD RIVER, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 22, 2013) -, one of the most trusted online sources for high performance luxury skin care and beauty essentials, has added the skin care brand WEI to its assortment of premium beauty products.

The largest Chinese Medicine-inspired cosmetics company in the United States, WEI helps more than one million women maintain their youthful appearances. WEI products are infused with more than 100 of nature's best herbs and based on authentic Chinese remedies that have been passed down for generations from mothers to daughters. Unlike most Western products, each WEI recipe has been "tested" by time and widespread use. But to ensure safety and quality, each herbal ingredient is carefully chosen based on tradition and extensive research, and each product must pass long usage tests and rigorous clinical testing. WEI is giving women the best skin care results that balance, correct, replenish and energize. Products like the WEI 24 Hour Herbal Anti-Aging System which is an around-the-clock anti-aging treatment, diminish the signs of aging and leave skin refreshed and smooth. WEI truly brings Eastern wisdom to Western science and gives women a skin care collection that balances, nourishes, and purifies all skin types.

Christina Bertolino, Senior Buying Manager at, said, "WEI products balance the body's energy, maximize the health of the skin and promote a youthful appearance."

About spalook Founded in 2001, spalook is now one of the most trusted online sources for beauty essentials, specializing in luxury and high performance beauty brands. Free shipping is applied to all U.S. orders over $50, and an esthetician-staffed call center is available Monday through Friday to answer customer questions. The company is headquartered in Gold River (Sacramento), California.


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There s an App for That: Policy and Technological Advances in the Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease

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Disclaimer: I have no financial ties to the products or services I discuss. The goal of this article is twofold: I aim to (1) educate you as a healthcare consumer about a policy change that will improve your access to preventative cardiology, and (2) discuss ways that technology can help facilitate your own health behavior change. The strategies and technologies I mention represent a tiny snapshot of all available options. I encourage you to explore what's out there to find what works best for you.Many of us understand the various health behaviors that promote overall well-being. Physicians, researchers, and the general public are beginning to recognize the value in preventative medicine, though implementing such practices typically seems out of reach. Now, thanks to a new Medicare code and widely available smartphone apps, we can see a move towards preventing cardiovascular disease both in upcoming visits with our primary care physicians and in our daily lives.As a graduate student in clinical health psychology researching cardiovascular behavioral medicine, I spend a great deal of time performing assessments on individuals with cardiovascular disease and, more specifically, heart failure. Extensive self-management rules burden these patients with uncomfortable, challenging, and time-consuming guidelines. These include, but are not limited to dietary and fluid intake restrictions, weight management, complex medical regimens, frequent doctors appointments, and exercise guidelines.Most do not suffer from cardiovascular disease alone; many are hypertensive, have diabetes, are obese, and experience mild to moderate cognitive impairment that cumulatively degrades their quality of life. Although most understood the factors that promote health prior to developing cardiovascular disease (e.g., healthy BMI, diet low in saturated fats and sugars, regular physical activity, maintenance of normal-range blood pressure), few, if any, had guidelines tailored and explained to them by a health care professional before developing this chronic, life-threatening, burdensome illness.Primary care physicians and staff can use a Medicare billing code (G0446) to tailor cardiovascular disease prevention recommendations to their patients in fifteen-minute counseling sessions once every year before, during, or after an annual wellness visit. To use this code, the sessions must cover blood pressure screening, appropriate daily aspirin use (when clinically indicated), and techniques to adopt a heart-healthy diet. This counseling can help prevent numerous forms of or contributors to cardiovascular disease, including hypertension, coronary artery disease, myocardial infarction (i.e., heart attack), heart failure, stroke, and peripheral arterial disease. This development uses recent literature asserting that brief counseling from providers can effectively improve health behaviors, and brief health-related counseling has demonstrated significant impacts on dietary intake and smoking cessation.Three institutes in Cleveland, Ohio (University Hospitals Health System, Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute, The Center of Excellence in Self-Management Research at the School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University, and Better Health Greater Cleveland) received a grant from the Ohio Partnership for Adherence through Collaborative Education to help educate health care providers about these new counseling options. Drs. Richard Josephson, Shirley Moore, Mary Dolansky, and Vanessa Maier, all from University Hospitals and Case Western Reserve University, spearheaded this project. You can check out their work at The website includes FAQs for providers, a patient education materials toolkit, a presentation for providers, and general information about the project.Additionally, there is a great chance that your provider is unaware of this opportunity. I highly recommend presenting the billing code information--and perhaps even this article--to your physician at your next wellness visit. Whether or not you receive Medicare, you can inform your physician that you want to take a proactive preventative approach to the nation's #1 killer: cardiovascular disease. I encourage you to advocate for the care you want and to find a physician who will collaborate with you in promoting health and preventing disease.One key to improving health behaviors is self-monitoring, as it is nearly impossible to target a behavioral pattern if you cannot adequately describe it. This is an excellent opportunity to incorporate mHealth technology such as online trackers or smartphone behavior-tracking apps. Popular apps can measure dietary intake, exercise, smoking, and medication adherence. One way to help extend behavior change past these fifteen minutes of preventative counseling is to introduce convenient tools for self-monitoring, like mHealth trackers. It is difficult to change our behavior, but technology can help us a great deal to do so.A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine demonstrated that apps can help individuals lose weight when used in a comprehensive strategy, according to a clinical trial conducted at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine. The research suggested that individuals are better able to change their behavior as they gain access to more tools.If you do not want to wait until your next physician's appointment to evaluate and potentially change your cardiovascular health habits, then consider my top five tips and apps:1. Stop smoking. Smoking cessation is one of the greatest changes that you can make to reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular or other life-shortening disease. Although the idea of quitting "cold turkey" is popular, many people find that formal support via smoking cessation classes and prescription medication can help them quit and stay free of tobacco long-term. LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach - Dare to Quit Smoking is an app that will create your personalized quitting plan and helps you make attainable goals along the way.2. Get moving. Physical activity is any sort of moving around (e.g., vacuuming, shoveling snow, walking up the stairs), while exercise is structured physical activity (e.g., lifting weights, running a mile, taking a fitness class). Both physical activity and exercise can improve your health and mood. If you think that you lack the time or money to join a gym, consider taking the stairs at work, finding a parking spot farthest away from your destination, taking a walk after meals, or picking up some cheap free weights to lift while watching TV. I personally enjoy using a weighted hula hoop, bouncing on an exercise ball, stretching, and using free weights during quick frequent breaks from work throughout my day. For challenging free workouts, check out the Nike Training Club.3. Monitor your diet. Try monitoring your dietary intake with a smartphone app or online tracker. Use technology to your advantage in your own self-monitoring adventures. Many popular apps provide comprehensive free versions that can track your intake and provide daily breakdowns of what you are eating. You can track your weight using age- and activity-sensitive caloric goals, and you can receive support from others who are also trying to adopt healthier habits. Try the Calorie and Diet Tracker from MyFitnessPal.4. Curb your sodium use. Foods that are high in sodium include pickles, cold cuts, canned soups, frozen meals, cured meats, and even packaged cookies. Always use minimal salt when you cook--you can always add more later--and be sure to taste your food before adding additional table salt. I recommend using no more than a "pinch"--literally!--of salt whenever you want to do so. When you use a salt shaker, it becomes extraordinarily difficult to monitor how much salt you are using. Cutting down on processed foods can also reduce your salt intake. My ultimate suggestion for reducing the need for salt is to use more fresh herbs and spices in your cooking, as their added flavor will replace the need for excessive salt. Sodium 101 has numerous helpful features including a sodium tracker, comparisons of sodium content in takeout food, and even a simulated salt shaker that helps you determine how much salt you are adding to your food.5. Shop smart. Lastly, limit your time in the middle aisles of the grocery store to 10% of the time you spend shopping. I challenge you to consider what you find there: processed, fatty, sugary, salty foods. Obviously, many of these foods are fine in moderation. But if you concentrate your time in the grocery store on the store's perimeter, you will mostly find fresh produce, seafood, meat, tofu, dairy, and frozen items such as frozen fruits and vegetables. While in the center aisles, consider picking up beans and legumes, whole wheat pasta, quinoa, almond butter, and fresh whole wheat bread. Eat these in moderation as part of a heart healthy diet. Fooducate is an app that can be used to help you make good food choices in the grocery store as you shop.Most individuals with whom I have worked are no longer candidates for preventative measures that I have outlined. They are already faced with the burden of attempting to self-manage a cumbersome illness that will likely contribute to their deaths. However, whether someone has already been diagnosed with a chronic illness or exhibits only a single risk factor, health behavior change is possible with adequate support from physicians and loved ones, with knowledge about problematic health behaviors, and most importantly with the motivation to contemplate whether the benefits of change ultimately outweigh the cost of maintaining problematic behavior. I hope you will find that small changes are not only possible, but also will motivate you to take action to improve your present and future health.Image credit: Carly Goldstein Follow Scientific American on Twitter @SciAm and @SciamBlogs.Visit for the latest in science, health and technology news. 2013 All rights reserved.


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Ranbaxy to resume generic Lipitor production for U.S

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(Reuters) - Indian generic drugmaker Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd said on Friday it will resume production of its version of Pfizer's cholesterol fighter Lipitor for sale in the United States after resolving the issues that led to a November recall.

Ranbaxy in November recalled its atorvastatin from the U.S. market and stopped manufacturing the widely used cholesterol lowering medicine after the company discovered contamination with tiny glass particles in certain lots of 10 milligram, 20 mg and 40 mg doses of the drug. Atorvastatin is the generic name for Lipitor.

"We are working with the U.S. FDA, and have identified and implemented multiple corrective and preventative actions," Ranbaxy spokesman Chuck Capriello said in an e-mailed statement.

"As part of the first step in initiating the manufacturing process to resume supplies to the U.S. market, we have commenced the production of the drug substance for our atorvastatin product," he added.

The recall and production halt did not affect Ranbaxy's atorvastatin supply for markets outside the United States, the company said.

During its first six months on the market, atorvastatin generated sales of nearly $600 million for Ranbaxy, according to industry analyst estimates.

Prior to expiration of Pfizer's patent, Lipitor was the world's top selling prescription medicine with annual peak sales of about $13 billion for the largest U.S. drugmaker.

Ranbaxy has been operating under heightened scrutiny to ensure it meets good manufacturing practices following a series of manufacturing problems that nearly derailed it ability to sell atorvastatin in the United States.

In 2008, the FDA banned the company from importing about 30 drugs after it found manufacturing deficiencies at two of the company's facilities in India, and Ranbaxy was later accused of falsifying data used in its drug applications.

Ranbaxy said on Friday that it was confident in the continuing safety and quality of its products.


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Prosecution: Error in 'testosterone' testimony

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PRETORIA, South Africa (AP) -- The investigating officer in the Oscar Pistorius murder case made an error in his court testimony Wednesday when he identified a substance found in the athlete's bedroom as testosterone, the national prosecutor said.

Medupe Simasiku, the spokesman for South Africa's National Prosecution Agency, told The Associated Press that it was too early to identify the substance as it was still undergoing laboratory tests.

''It is not certain (what it is) until the forensics.'' Simasiku said, adding that it wasn't certain if it was ''a legal or an illegal medication for now.''

Detective Warrant Officer Hilton Botha, the investigating officer, said earlier in court during Pistorius' bail hearing that police found two boxes of testosterone and needles in the bedroom of the Olympic athlete, who is charged with premediated murder in the Feb. 14 shooting death of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

It was a mistake to identify the substance now, Simasiku said, as it was still unknown. He said the discovery of needles was in Botha's statement, however.

Pistorius denies murder, saying in an affidavit Tuesday that the Valentine's Day shooting was accidental because he thought there was an intruder in his house.

In response to Botha's claim, the defense said Wednesday, the second day of Pistorius' bail hearing at Pretoria Magistrate's Court, that the substance found was not a steroid or a banned substance but an herbal remedy.

International Paralympic Committee spokesman Craig Spence told the AP soon after the substance claims that Pistorius - the world's most famous disabled athlete - was drug tested twice in London last year by the IPC, on Aug. 25 and Sept. 8. Both test results were negative, Spence said.

The Aug. 25 test was an out-of-competition test, and the Sept. 8 one in-competition, a day before the end of the London Paralympics.

The International Olympic Committee said it didn't test Pistorius at the Olympics, but referred the AP to the IPC's negative tests. International athletics body the IAAF and the World Anti-Doping Agency would not comment because it was an ongoing legal case.


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Repros jumps on FDA go-ahead for testosterone drug study

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(Reuters) - Repros Therapeutics Inc said U.S. health regulators agreed with its plan to continue analyzing data from a late-stage study of its experimental testosterone drug, putting the company on track to report trial data in the third quarter and sending its shares up 45 percent.

The company last month pushed back the expected date to report data from the first of two late-stage studies on its drug Androxal after it found that the patient population at a site where the drug was being tested was markedly different from 16 other sites.

Repros said at the time that it expected to report data in the third quarter and file for U.S. approval of the drug in mid-2014.

Repros also proposed to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in January that patients from that site be removed from the study and be replaced by patients at other sites who were enrolled for the second late-stage study.

Repros shares were up 40 percent at $14.16 in heavy trading on Thursday morning on the Nasdaq, regaining about half the value they lost since the company's January proposal to the FDA.

Repros said on Thursday that the FDA mostly agreed with its plan, but asked the company to evaluate data for the first study with and without patients from the site with the differing characteristics.

However, Keay Nakae, a senior research analyst with Ascendiant Capital Markets, said including the different patient population could impact the safety and efficacy outcome of the study and the way the FDA views the results.

The FDA has now allowed Repros to enroll 40 new patients in the second study, in line with the company's suggestion.

"Being allowed to enroll (new) patients in the second study, should help them mitigate the risk associated with the quality of the data," Nakae added.

Barring these changes, the special protocol assessment under which Repros is developing Androxal remains intact, allaying concerns that the results from the studies would be delayed further.


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Lyoto Machida Not Concerned About Dan Henderson's TRT Use

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Testosterone replacement therapy is a controversial topic in sports.

Lyoto Machida faces Dan Henderson in the UFC 157: Rousey vs. Carmouche co-main event on Saturday and Henderson is on TRT, but Machida isnt concerned.

Everybody has their own reasons for using it. I dont know, Im not a doctor. Im a fighter, said Machida during the UFC 157 open workouts on Wednesday. If the UFC says its okay, I think its good.

Henderson has used the therapy since 2007. Some fighters are hesitant to accept a fight with someone who uses TRT, but Machida isnt one of them.

No, its okay for me. No problem, he said.

UFC president Dana White recently stated that the organization will test fighters using TRT throughout their training camp in an effort to ensure its not being abused. He also said, If your testosterone level isnt high enough, maybe youre too old to fight.

Henderson is 42 years old, but Machida feels Henderson can still complete with the top guys in the division.

(Henderson) is old, but hes still good. Hes still strong. Hes beaten a lot of guys. He can still compete at a high level.

Be sure toLike on FacebookandFollow @MMAWeeklycom on Twitter.


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Cancer Patients Finding New Treatments are Just as Effective and Less Toxic than Traditional Methods

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The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine supports new innovative cancer treatments that cause less harm to the body than chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and other methods

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) February 15, 2013 explains that over 1.4 million new cancer cases are diagnosed every year in the United States, 650,000 of which seek chemotherapy ( 550,000 people die from cancer each year according to With side effects and death rates from chemo being so extreme, medical experts have turned to other possible methods when threating cancer patients. states that 40 percent of cancer patients turn to complementary and alternative medicine.

Mark Rosenberg MD. has a personal relationship to the disease that jump started vigorous research for a new treatment method. After his mother died from lung cancer, Rosenberg decided to dedicate his time and resources to finding healthier, more innovative methods of cancer treatment.

Rosenbergs innovative treatments consist of immunotherapy, which stimulates the innate immune system. Glycolytic inhibitors prevent cancer cells from utilizing sugar within the body, and inhibit the release of tissue that destroys enzymes.

For over 70 years, chemotherapy has been used to treat cancer. According to an article written by Dr. Rosenberg, chemo adds two or three months onto the estimated survival time. While this method does extend the life expectancy when used in vitro, chemotherapy takes an aggressive toll on a patients internal organs while treated inside the body. Rosenberg developed several methods of new integrative treatment that he found has a more positive effect on the bodys overall well- being as opposed to chemotherapy and radiation.

According to the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), Traditional cancer treatment is efficacious for early stage cancer. Unfortunately, in the U.S., we have made little progress in the treatment of advanced stage cancers in the past twenty years. A study was published in the British journal, "Clinical Oncology," in December, 2004, entitled, "The Contribution of Cytotoxic Chemotherapy to 5-Year Survival in Adult Malignancies." The authors, one medical oncologist and two radiation oncologists, analyzed the results of all randomized clinical trials performed in the U.S. and Australia, that reported a statistically significant increase in 5-year survival due to the use of chemotherapy in adult malignancies. The trials that were analyzed were performed between 1990 and 2004. Overall survival benefit of less than 5% has been achieved in the adjuvant treatment of breast, colon, and head and neck cancers. Clearly, the need for an alternative form of cancer treatment is great and imminent.

On the contrary, I have extended both quality of life and lifespan. Most patients who make their way to my office have already failed chemotherapy and have been told to go home and enjoy their last few months. There is no greater satisfaction than crying with a beautiful forty year-old woman because her metastatic breast cancer to hips and spine is no longer seen on bone scan; or a vibrant sixty seven year-old man with metastases from his kidney to liver, lung, spine, and rib enters remission, after being told by his oncologist that he has perhaps 2 months to live. And this happens over and over, outside of the standard of care, stated Rosenberg.

While traditional cancer treatments do have positive long term effects on some patients, new age innovative treatment methods may be a new option for others who are not so lucky.

A4M hosts one of the first fellowships in integrative cancer therapies. The program is designed to start improving your cancer patients quality of life and survival rates through innovative therapies.


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Doctors Health Press Reports on Study: New Compound Offers Many Anti-Aging Benefits

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Doctors Health Press, a division of Lombardi Publishing Corporation, and publisher of various natural health newsletters, books, and reports, including the popular online Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin, is reporting on a new study, published in Molecular and Cellular Biology, finding that hydrogen sulfide can offer a wide scope of anti-aging benefits.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) February 10, 2013

As Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin ( notes, scientists may have uncovered one compound that could play a huge role in preserving a bodys youthfulness. While hydrogen sulfide has been getting attention for its effects on the cardiovascular and nervous systems, evidence is mounting that hydrogen sulfide slows aging by inhibiting free-radical reactions (just as an antioxidant does), activating a key enzyme that may regulate the human lifespan, and interacting with a gene that has great influence in anti-aging matters.

As the article New Compound Found for Anti-Aging reports, the body produces hydrogen sulfide, which has many important effects. For example, it acts in certain ways to relax arteries and keep them clear of possible blockages (which lead to atherosclerosis). It is also a powerful antioxidant. It also helps fight inflammation, the cause of a vast array of diseases.

The Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin article explains that levels of hydrogen sulfide in the body decline with age. In rats, lower levels of hydrogen sulfide were linked with high blood pressure. In general, a lack of this compound is implicated in heart disease.

The article adds that declining levels of hydrogen sulfide are thought to undermine neurological health, as well. In animal models of Parkinsons disease, levels have been very low. The same can be said of people who suffer from Alzheimers disease. There are even suggestions that hydrogen sulfide may protect against cancer.

Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin concludes by noting that the researchers believe evidence now strongly suggests that hydrogen sulfide could become the next major agent in preventing aging and the diseases that come with it.

(SOURCE: Zhang, Y., et al., Hydrogen sulfide: the next potent preventive and therapeutic agent in aging and age-associated diseases, Mol. Cell. Bio.; published online January 7, 2013.)

Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin is a daily e-letter providing natural health news with a focus on natural healing through foods, herbs, and other breakthrough health alternative treatments. For more information on Doctors Health Press, visit

Doctors Health Press believes in the healing properties of various alternative remedies, including Traditional Chinese Medicine. To see a video outlining the Doctors Health Press views on Traditional Chinese Medicine, visit


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Camelback Health Care – Dr Reed Awarded Best of 2012 on Kudzu

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Voted by users as a top company in Phoenix General or Family Practice Physicians

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) February 12, 2013

Camelback Health Care is a comprehensive health optimization practice that engages in highly acclaimed family medicine and age-management medicine including bio-identical hormones for men and women. By Integrating family medicine, wellness, preventive care, allergy testing & treatment, weight management, and anti-aging medicine, patients receive the highest quality health care.

We are proud to be among the most highly regarded and trusted Family Practice Physicians and Doctors in Phoenix, Arizona. Winning this award from Kudzu only strengthens our commitment to our patients. We love our patients and it shows, said Dr. Anne-Marie Reed, Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Camelback Health Care.

Consumers value companies who appreciate their business and provide superior service. We wanted to create an open forum where the best companies could be recognized by Kudzu users, said Fran Wills, General Manager of Kudzu.

For a full list of Best of 2012 winners, visit:

About Camelback Health Care:

Camelback Health Care is the premier family medical practice focused on wellness, prevention, and anti-aging medicine centrally located in the beautiful Arcadia and Paradise Valley neighborhood along the prestigious Camelback Corridor. Since its inception in 2008, Camelback Health Care has developed into highly acclaimed family practice that has integrated award winning bio-identical hormone replacement therapy for men and women (Anti-Aging Medicine), highly effective allergy clinic employing no shot allergy sublingual drops, medical managed weight loss, and cosmetic skin treatments including laser therapy. Our ability to integrate these products and services simplifies and health care delivery and affords convenience and added value for our patients. For more information, please visit

About Kudzu:

Kudzu helps consumers research and evaluate services and choose highly rated providers in their area. features expert videos, business profiles, consumer reviews and 30,500 money-saving deals for homeowners in every major U.S. city. is owned by Cox Search Inc., a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, a leading communications, media and automotive services company. Cox's businesses include Cox Communications, Manheim, and Cox Media Group. For more information, visit


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High School Sports Injury Education Is Focus Of Free Newport Beach Lecture Series

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LOS ANGELES, Feb. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --With an estimated 7.2 million students competing in high school sports and more than 2 million reported injuries annually (according to the CDC), preventative education has never been more important. Kicking off February 28 in Newport Beach, the COACHES & CAPTAINS lecture series will provide advanced, real-world sports medicine education to local high school coaches, athletic directors and young athletes. Topics include such hot-button issues as Concussions, ACL Injury and Dehydration, among others (full schedule below).

Presented by DISC Sports & Spine Center (DISC) and moderated by world renowned sports medicine specialist Dr. Joseph Horrigan, this free symposium will address the biomechanics of injuries and their prevention. The certified program will help participants understand vital role of sports medicine for young, developing athletes; learn the correct response to critical moments; and define training programs that emphasize prevention, thereby contributing to long-term athlete health and performance.

Each lecture will also feature a field expert, such as Nike Track & Field Coach John Smith, Oakland Raiders Team Physician, Dr. Frederic Nicola and pioneering neurosurgeon Dr. Robert S. Bray, Jr., as well as orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine specialists. Although offered free of charge, space is limited, so RSVP is required. Contact for more information or to register. Video podcasts, Q&As and condensed presentations from the lectures will also be made available online in the weeks that follow.


LOCATION: 301 Bayview Circle, Suite 218, Newport Beach, CA 92660

About DISC Sports & Spine CenterAs the official medical services provider for Red Bull's North American athletes, DISC Sports & Spine Center (DISC) is one of America's foremost providers of minimally invasive spine procedures and advanced arthroscopic techniques. Dr. Robert S. Bray, Jr. founded DISC with the vision of delivering an unparalleled patient experience for those suffering from sports injuries, orthopedic issues and spine disorders. DISC's individually picked, highly specialized physicians apply both established and innovative solutions to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate their patients in a one-stop, multi-disciplinary setting. With a wide range of specialists under one roof, the result is an unmatched continuity of care with more efficiency, less stress for the patient and a zero MRSA infection rate. DISC's ambulatory surgery centers include Diagnostic and Interventional Surgical Center and DISC Surgery Center at Newport Beach. For more information, contact DISC at 866.481.DISC or visit

Press Contact:Kristien Brada-Thompson, Priority PR 310-954-1375 x2 /


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24 Hot and Hiring Healthcare Jobs

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Working within healthcare appeals to our society in a way virtually no other professional sector does. The mystique of making medical diagnoses, the desire to help those in need, the adrenalin surge that comes with working at a fast pace and in stressful situations, and the allure of earning a handsome salary. If you need further proof that we like the idea of healthcare jobs, just think about how many movies and televisions shows (reality, dramas, and comedies) take place or have taken place inside hospitals.

Our attraction to this industry will probably always be well-matched with the necessity to educate and employ more qualified healthcare professionals--especially right now, as a substantial portion of our population is aging and requiring more medical care. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that there will be more employment growth within the healthcare and social assistance sector than in any others this decade.

Here's a snapshot of the 24 healthcare professions that we at U.S. News have labelled the best to break into, either this year or in the years to come.

[See: The Hottest Healthcare Jobs This Decade.]

The Doctors Are In

What's a list of healthcare jobs without doctors? For 2013, we highlight a handful of professions that utilize this title, although the long road to earning the honor is different for each job. Whether you choose to be a Medical Doctor (M.D.), a Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.), a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), or even a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.), you can expect to spend at least two years following undergrad completing a professional degree and residency program. Some medical specialties require up to eight years working as a resident.

The initials behind your name are only part of the payoff for all those years of training: Doctors are imperative to providing quality healthcare, as they're the ones who make the medical diagnoses and final decisions on how to treat patients. The four categories of doctors we highlight this year could together see nearly 300,000 new hires between 2010 and 2020.


Expected Openings: 27,600



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#1 Natural Testosterone Booster Now Offering No Cost Shipping and 100% No Questions Money Back of Their Highly Popular …

§ February 17th, 2013 § Filed under Nano Medicine Comments Off on #1 Natural Testosterone Booster Now Offering No Cost Shipping and 100% No Questions Money Back of Their Highly Popular …

SuperiorLabs llc announces free shipping both domestic and international and a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee on their highly popular natural testosterone booster TEST WORx

San Diego CA (PRWEB) February 16, 2013

Until recently, testosterone boosters were commonly thought to be used only in the realm of bodybuilding. However, new research has shown that men commonly experience signs of declining testosterone levels as they become older, such as little or no motivation, muscle atrophy, fatigue, depression, fat gain and low libido.

As testosterone levels continue to decline with age, mood disorders, lack of energy and an overall decrease in vitality become steadily worse. Fortunately, supplements like Test Worx help to boost testosterone levels safely, effectively and naturally. This product works by causing a significant boost in the bio-availability of testosterone by inhibiting the action of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), the hormone use by the body to prevent most of its testosterone from being unusable. This is done by binding free testosterone to fat cells which renders the testosterone useless to the body.

By inhibiting this hormone, excess fat stores can be reduced, you can build muscle mass and tone more efficiently, recover faster from workouts and improve your feelings of confidence and vitality.

Another unique aspect of Test Worx is the six week supply which allows for maximum buildup of free testosterone levels. Due to the unique formulation of Test Worx, people who take it tend to notice the results three weeks into a six week cycle. Customer reviews and other feedback from both shopping portals and third-party sites rate it between four and five stars.

Professional bodybuilder Travis Brassard outlines the benefits that he experiences when using Test Worx: "Test Worx allows me to reduce body fat, keep my energy levels optimal and maintain focus both in the gym and in everyday life, something that would be really challenging as competitions draw near and I start training harder. During a Test Worx cycle, I experience greater motivation, more energy and higher mental fortitude."

Anyone who is interested in Test Worx can find out more about it on the Test Worx website.

Jake Hyten Phare Enterprises LLC 800-861-3542 Email Information


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UFC President Dana White Takes Hardline Stance on TRT Use by Fighters

§ February 17th, 2013 § Filed under Nano Medicine Comments Off on UFC President Dana White Takes Hardline Stance on TRT Use by Fighters

The last couple of years have seen testosterone replacement therapy run rampant in mixed martial arts. It recently came to light that Vitor Belfort was on TRT during his win over Michael Bisping on Jan. 19. Chael Sonnen has used TRT. Dan Henderson, Forrest Griffin, Quinton Rampage Jackson, Frank Mir, Alistair Overeem, and Nate Marquardt are others, just to name a few.

Following his UFC on Fuel TV 7 Knockout of the Night finish of Stanislov Nedkov, Tom Watson called TRT use an epidemic in the sport and called out the cheaters.

If you want to do it, you can't put it in your chin and you certainly can't put it into your heart, Watson declared. You want to take drugs? You want to be a cheat? Let me fight you and let's see what happens.

During the UFC on Fuel TV 7 post-fight press conference, UFC president Dana White said he plans on taking a hardline stance on the controversial therapys use in his organization.

If you asked me three months ago, its legal. Its sports science, but everybody figures out a way to take a great thing and cheat and make it bad, said White.

Those of you who know what testosterone replacement is, if youre older, your testosterone starts to get lower. They can give you testosterone to get you back up to (the level of) a 25-year-old. What guys are doing, I believe guys are doing, is jacking up this stuff through the roof through their entire training camp then getting back down to normal levels right before the fight, which is cheating. I hate it. I dont like it. Im going to fight it. And if you are using TRT in the UFC, were going to start testing the (expletive) out of you, through your entire camp, White added.

Testosterone replacement therapy is legal. Fighters who are using it apply for a therapeutic use exemption from the athletic commissions.

Were regulated by the government. We have the strictest regulation in sports. If other sports were under the same regulations as we are, there would be a lot of guys getting busted left and right in other sports. Im not taking a jab. Im just being honest. The TRT thing is legal. The commission lets guys use testosterone replacement therapy. I believe that guys are cheating on it, said White.

I truly believe guys are cheating on it, and I dont like to see a natural gifted athlete go in and fight against a guy who has been jacked up on TRT for three months.

Cheating isnt the only concern White has about TRT. Its a relatively new therapy. Not a lot is widely known about it, and theres the philosophical question of medically enhancing athletes through hormone therapy. Just because something is legal, doesnt always make it right.


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Celebrate Valentine's Day with $20 from Progene®, the Leading All-Natural Testosterone Supplement.

§ February 17th, 2013 § Filed under Nano Medicine Comments Off on Celebrate Valentine's Day with $20 from Progene®, the Leading All-Natural Testosterone Supplement.

Progene, the leading all-natural testosterone supplement, is offering $20 towards all Valentines Day purchases. This includes Progenes testosterone supplement and Progenes unique At-Home Testosterone Test Kit!

Cincinnati, OH (PRWEB) February 13, 2013

Because guys can be notoriously tough to shop for, Progene has an exciting gift idea -- the gift of feeling younger this year, with Progene.

Men cant help getting older, but they dont have to feel old. Progene helps to increase testosterone levels with a unique, dual-action formula that contains clinically proven testosterone precursors and rare herbal extracts known to support the bodys natural production of testosterone. Higher testosterone levels mean healthier and happier --men. What man wouldnt want that for Valentines Day?

Men lose their ability to produce testosterone as they age. Testosterone is a key hormone that controls the development and maintenance of masculine characteristics and is necessary to keep men healthy and active. The Archives of Internal Medicine published a new study revealing that low testosterone may increase death risk in men over 40 as well as 8 other major health risks that every man should know.

Unfortunately as critical as Testosterone is to a man, most have no idea what their testosterone levels are, or how much testosterone they have left. Unlike women, men view seeing doctors as a weakness.

According to Good Housekeepings article, "A Healthier Husband", 'Many guys need a big or little nudge' to pay attention to their health, and this nudge comes from the wife or girlfriend. One of the biggest obstacles to improving the health of men is men themselves, reiterates Dr. Rick Kellerman, Chair of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Help guys find out how much testosterone they've lost with Progenes anonymous and painless, at-home testosterone test kit. Restore that special guys strength, energy and motivation that may have been lost over time.

The Progene Valentine Special can be used with any online order at (except Free Trial). Valid through February 28, 2013, mention code VDay99 for $20 savings. Take advantage of Progenes Special Valentine offer and Progene will even wrap your Valentines box with a big red ribbon when you order!

"Men tend to get ignored on Valentine's Day," says Michael Lee of Progene. "We're giving women $20 towards helping their men feel more Power, Performance and Passion!" Shopping for that special man? Look no further. Progene has the answer.


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FDA Clears Testosterone Gel

§ February 10th, 2013 § Filed under Nano Medicine Comments Off on FDA Clears Testosterone Gel

Recently, Perrigo Company (PRGO) announced that it has gained approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (:FDA) pertaining to its New Drug Application (:NDA) for testosterone gel 1%. We note that the New Drug Application filed by the company with the US regulatory body included a bioequivalence study comparing testosterone gel 1% with AbbVie Inc.s (ABBV) AndroGel 1%.

We note that AndroGel 1% (testosterone gel 1%) is marketed for treating males (above 18 years of age) with low or no testosterone in their body. The annual sales of this product were approximately $705 million, according to data released by Symphony Health.

AbbVie came into existence earlier this year following its separation from Abbott Laboratories (ABT). AbbVie recently provided its guidance for 2013. The company expects to earn $3.03$3.13 per share in 2013 on total revenues of more than $18 billion. Currency movement is expected to negatively impact revenues by about 1%.

We remind investors that recently Perrigo developer, manufacturer and distributor of over-the-counter (:OTC) and generic prescription pharmaceuticals among others reported lower-than-expected revenues, but higher-than-expected earnings in its second quarter 2013 (ended Dec 29, 2012).

Apart from announcing its financial results, Perrigo inked a deal to buy animal health company Velcera, Inc. for $160 million in cash. The deal is expected to close in calendar year 2013. Perrigo intends to strengthen its position in the OTC retail pet healthcare market through the impending acquisition.

Perrigo currently carries a Zacks Rank #3 (Hold) in the short-run. We have a similar stance on AbbVie, a large-cap pharma stock. However, another large-cap pharma stock Sanofi (SNY) currently appears to be more favorably placed . The company carries a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy).

Read the Full Research Report on ABBV

Read the Full Research Report on SNY

Read the Full Research Report on ABT

Zacks Investment Research


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