Integrative Quantum Medicine – The Art Of Energy

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The body is in a constant state of change, affected by what we eat, our exercise, work and rest habits, daily mental and emotional stress factors as well as changes in the weather!

Most ailments begin from an energy imbalance in the physical, mental, and emotional levels. Just being a responsible member of society can put us in the rat race frame of mind. Stress from imbalances such as these can create energy blockages.

The stress of being overworked and under-appreciated; too much responsibility and too little time; all give and no get will eventually take its toll! Energy blockages from these situations create tension, anxiety, anger or fear and can manifest in many physical forms, such as migraine headaches, indigestion, high blood pressure or ulcers.

Integrative Quantum Medicine, IQM, is a natural non-invasive method of energy medicine that can alter your physiology immediately. What this means is without drugs, medication, needles, herbs, exercises, or physical contact of any kind you are able to release your blockages and return your energy to its balanced state. The result: your headache disappears; the indigestion evaporates; pain diminishes and youre back to normal.

IQM has successfully treated patients with migraine headaches, chronic neck, back, hip and knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, respiratory ailments, colds, allergies, addictions and weight disorders. Patients who have suffered strokes, seizures and other neurological disorders experience remarkable degrees of recovery with this method. Some patients had suffered for more than 20 years.

IQM is not a belief system, a placebo nor employs the power of suggestion, as illustrated by the successful results with infants and children, as well as animals, correcting physical and behavioral problems. A patients personal beliefs will not affect the outcome of the treatment.

Even more extraordinary than what IQM can do for you is that you can learn to do this for yourself and others within 16 hours!

IQM is the Alternative Healing of the new millennium. And Its Easier Done Than Said!

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Integrative Quantum Medicine - The Art Of Energy

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